Educational workshops

The FPIC offers educational workshops to groups of all sizes on the following topics:

Indigenous Protocols

Terminology and meaning of Indigenous rites, ceremonies, titles and symbols. Consultation and research protocols that should be followed.

Indigenous people in cities: the new urban reality in Canada.

Profile, context and facts on the more than 50% of Indigenous people currently living in cities. Impact of this Indigenous urbanization on cities and diversity. Needs, shortcomings and potential solutions.

Indigenous governance

Traditional and modern Indigenous systems of governance. Values and principles. Effects of colonization on Indigenous systems of governance.

Indigenous workforce

Socio-economic profile of Indigenous people. Preferred education and job sectors. Success and adaptation factors and workplace integration challenges. Tailored recruitment and retention strategies.

Myths and facts

Setting the record straight about common myths and false ideas out there regarding Indigenous history, territory, privileges and education. Harmful effects of stereotypes. Possible solutions.

Indigenous art and cuisine.

Noteworthy Indigenous artists and chefs. Symbolic nature of their works relating to identity, politics and spirituality.

Indigenous education

Myths related to Indigenous education. Indigenous understanding of learning and education. Systems for passing down knowledge. Challenges for Indigenous youth in the Western school system. Possible solutions.

Indigenous cultures and languages

Indigenous nations in Quebec. Languages and cultural elements.

Bullying and Indigenous people

Sociocultural and school context, cultural particularities and prevention.


The FPIC offers a range of cultural services provided exclusively by members of First Nations and Inuit. The FPIC has an extensive network of Indigenous creators, leaders and contributors who can meet your needs for facilitation and programming, land acknowledgements, shows of all kinds and much more. Give us a call!

Shows adapted to your needs

Event opening ceremonies performed by an Indigenous Elder

School cultural program

Indigenous cuisine workshops and catering service

Indigenous language courses

Technical services:

Renting time on 3D printers (Ultimaker, Formlabs), milling machines (CNC), laser cutting and vinyl cutting