Gatineau and CIÉRA-UQO, organized an event at Université du Québec en Outaouais to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. This was an opportunity to:

  1. Showcase the rich cultural heritage of First Peoples
  2. Encourage Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Gatineau to come together, meet, talk and connect
  3. Foster respect for cultural diversity

The FPIC wanted to make it a memorable celebration by highlighting the creativity of Indigenous peoples, and planned a day full of musical, culinary and artistic performances.

Drummer René Racine from Kitigan Zibi immersed participants in Anishinabe culture with traditional songs and historical tales

An Inuk artist, Océanne Tootoo Bohémier, illustrated the innovative nature of young Indigenous artists by composing and performing a musical inspired by the Inuit story “The Legend of Sedna.” He was accompanied by a group of student artists from the Artishow school.

Anishinabe artist Gabriel Whiteduck was also on the bill. He gave a deeply stirring performance of traditional songs that was met with heartfelt applause.

Indigenous catering was also provided, offering the crowd the chance to taste traditional dishes. These diners from Outaouais and around the world were able to appreciate the art of Indigenous cuisine, something that can be hard to find in the city.